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21 04, 2021

The health care sector – leading the way to the net zero carbon economy

A new joint commentary by EASAC and FEAM, representing European Academies of Science and Medicine emphasizes the responsibility of the health sector to reduce its own GHG emissions, and work with other sectors to accelerate

8 04, 2021

European academy networks call for urgent solution to health data transfer barriers

Legal challenges hamper the sharing of health data with researchers outside the EU/European Economic Area (EEA), a new report by European academy networks concludes. The authors call for solutions to overcome these barriers to ensure

11 11, 2020

EASAC: Resistance and Challenges to Green Deals should not be underestimated

“Scientific knowledge of climate change and its drivers has been growing exponentially during the past decades, yet the degradation of nature and continued growth in greenhouse gas emissions has yet to even cease let alone