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406, 2021

ALLEA: European coordination needed to fight science disinformation

Photo: Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash In a new report, ALLEA examines the potential of technical and policy measures to tackle science disinformation and calls for improved European exchange and coordination in this field. Professor Risto Kunelius from Univeristy of Helsinki

206, 2021

Boundaries of sciences were discussed in the symposium on 5 May

Photo: Krister Majander. Permanent Secretary Anita Lehikoinen (on the left) discussing with ALLEA President Antonio Loprieno, who participated online - as did everybody else apart from the Finnish organising team and some of the speakers. Professor Anna Mauranen and moderator,

1301, 2021

SAPEA: Do biodegradable plastics bring benefits?

In the evidence review report Biodegradability of plastics in the open environment conclude that biodegradable plastic has a role to play in reducing the accumulation of plastics in the environment. However, its role is limited to some specific applications. In other cases, including

209, 2020

Stop Perverse Climate Impact of Biomass, European Academies say

Several European countries who are considered leaders in climate protection owe their apparently good emission reductions to biomass. These might turn out to look quite different in the future, if carbon- accounting under the Emissions Trading System (ETS) were to

1307, 2020

IAP complementing the UNESCO Open Science Recommendation

The global network of science academies InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) gives 21 recommendations recommendations regarding open science policies and practices. Dr Henrikki Tenkanen (University College London/Aalto University) were a member of the IAP open science group producing the report IAP input

207, 2020

Science academies combatting structural racism and discrimination

In June 2020, InterAcademy Partnership IAP published a Communiqué on structural racism and discrimination: "The events that have unfolded since the unjust and untimely death of George Floyd have served as a painful reminder of the problem of entrenched systemic