This year’s CAETS 2024 conference, held from July 1–4 in Helsinki, Finland, was hosted by the Council of Finnish Academies and the Finnish Academy of Technical Sciences. The theme was “Carbon Neutral Technologies and Society”, with the program divided into several sub-sessions.

CAETS (International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences) is an independent, non-political, non-governmental international organization comprising engineering and technological sciences academies. CAETS organizes annually a conference addressing critical global issue related to human activities.

The Conference participants included representatives from engineering and technological science academies worldwide with over 140 on-site participants from 26 countries. The conference venue was the Central Campus of the University of Helsinki.

President of CAETS, Mika Hannula at the opening ceremony in the Great Hall of the University of Helsinki. (Photo: Krister Majander)

The first day of the conference featured meetings for the CAETS delegates and the Reception hosted by the city of Helsinki. The Technical Symposium, held on July 2–3, was open to the public and began with an opening ceremony featuring keynote speakers Professor Peter D. Lund and Professor Andrea Ramírez Ramírez. The symposium included presentations and discussions, with academic sessions focused on technological solutions and discussions on the EU and global perspectives. The sessions organized by ExpandFibre and Neste highlighted Finnish innovations for carbon neutrality. The final day offered optional excursions organized by ExpandFibre and Solar Foods, showcasing practical implementations of discussed technologies. Next year’s CAETS 2025 Conference will be held in Australia.

Minister of Science and Culture, Sari Multala at the CAETS 2024 opening ceremony.
(Photo: Krister Majander)