Senior Vice President of Technology at Neste, Dr. Lars Peter Lindfors and his team have been awarded with the Eric and Sheila Samson Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation in Alternative Fuels for Transportation. This is a globally highly recognized prize for innovation in the field. The Prize Award ceremony took place in Israel on Monday, October 29 and the Prize will be handed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Lindfors was nominated by the Council of Finnish Academies.

The team has been credited specifically for their groundbreaking work with NEXBTL technology. This has enabled the building of Neste’s Renewable Products business, that generated some EUR 3 billion in revenue last year and helped to reduce climate emissions by 8.3 million tons.

With NEXBTL technology it is possible to make renewable diesel and other renewable products out of nearly any waste fat or vegetable oil.  NEXBTL diesel is blended with petrodiesel and it does not have any of the drawbacks of the traditional ester type FAME biodiesel such as cold operability, ‘best before’ date, engine and fuel system deposit formation, risk for microbial growth and water pick up, engine oil dilution and deterioration.

The team is represented by the three inventors of the first related process patent, Pekka Aalto, Ulla Kiiski and Outi Piirainen. Since then the innovation has grown to involve professionals from different teams and units throughout the company.