The Senior Advisory Group (SAG) of EASAC, the association of the National Science Academies of the EU member states, Norway and Switzerland, met in Strasbourg on 30-31 August 2015 with EASAC’s Bureau.

There was vigorous discussion on a wide range of issues for delivering science-based advice to policy-makers, to continue the tradition of excellence now established across a broad front. Recent EASAC reports and statements made recommendations relating to the impact of neonicotinoids on ecosystem services, antimicrobial drug discovery and shale gas extraction. Furthermore, at the meeting a strategy was set out for the involvement of EASAC in the new Science Advice Mechanism in the European Commission.

The EASAC-SAG consists of Professor Dame Anne Glover, former Chief Scientific Advisor to the President of the EU Commission, Professor Jules Hoffmann, Nobel Laureate and former member of EASAC Council, Professor Joaquin Almunia, Economist and former Vice-President of the EU Commission, and Dr. Wilhelm Krull, Director General of the Volkswagen Foundation.