Photo: Louise Viallesoubranne

Supporting young researchers in their international collaborations is one of the key objectives of the Council. Many international science organizations and young academies arrange activities – networking events, exchange programmes, competitions etc. – especially for young researchers.

The Council of Finnish Academies nominates young Finland-based researchers for confidential posts of international science organizations. We nominate candidates for events and networks, for example Young Physician Leaders -programme organized every year.

The Young Academy Finland is a globally connected national academy for young researchers. YAF organizes many kinds of activities for young researchers. The Council of Finnish Academies directs some of its state subsidies for the international activities of YAF every year.

Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting is a yearly networking event for scientists in the fields of physics, chemistry and medicine (some years Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences) taking place in Germany. The Council of Finnish Academies is an official national partner of the Lindau Meetings: the number of participants is restricted, and the Council is responsible for selection of Finnish representatives and covers the travel expenses of the participants. Read the experiences of a Lindau representative Dr. Staffan Dahlström: The meeting in Lindau is different

The Council encourages Finnish national committees to engage younger researchers for their international activities. Many science organizations in specific fields – linked to Finnish science communities by the national committees  – organize networking, scholarships and travel grants, research exchange possibilities, competitions etc. especially for young researchers.